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Why Bloom?

Flowers are a special gift for someone you care about, or for yourself! They are a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. Where and how you buy them should be just as thoughtful.

Buying flowers is not complicated. Be sure your experience purchasing flowers reflects exactly what you want to convey. Purchasing flowers from a real Florist offers an elevated experience, and a better product. Here is why!

Bloom designers are the best around!

Each of Bloom's designers receives in-depth training, and are experts at creating

stunning, unique, long-lasting arrangements for any occasion. They are fully educated on how to maintain your flowers, ensuring they will have the longest vase life possible.

Bloom’s lead designer, Brenna, learned floristry at one of the foremost flower schools in New York City. She spent several years being trained by, collaborating with, and working alongside floral and event industry leaders throughout the city. Because of this experience, she has an aesthetic unlike any other designers in Fort Collins.

In-depth designer training means that your flowers have been given the White-Glove treatment ensuring they will have the longest vase life possible. Each stem has been conditioned properly, the water in which they are stored is kept at the perfect pH and temperature, and the cooler temperature and humidity are maintained at optimal settings for long flower life. Other retailers like grocery and convenience stores may not pay as much attention to maintaining flower quality as we do at Bloom. Their employees are often untrained and in a hurry to complete another task. Meaning your flowers will wilt and die off, and your arrangement will lose its beauty much faster! By purchasing your flowers from a real Flower Shop, like Bloom, you can ensure your flowers and arrangement’s beauty will last as long as possible.

Grocery and convenience stores simply cannot maintain flower quality like we do. Purchasing your flowers from a real Flower Shop, like Bloom, ensures your flowers and arrangements will not only be more artful and beautiful, but last much longer!

Bloom has the best service.

Not only does Bloom serve a larger delivery area around Fort Collins than our competitors, we also offer delivery seven days a week and can often honor same day service. We love special requests, and every arrangement we send out is totally unique! Also, each arrangement comes with helpful guidelines to keep your flowers beautiful, longer.

We do not follow standard “recipes” filled with run of the mill flowers that create boring run of the mill arrangements. Our arrangements are totally unique.

We are determined to provide you with the absolute best service and the highest quality flowers in town. If either the sender or the recipient is unhappy with their flowers, we will do our best to correct the issue.

Bloom is Conscientious.

At Bloom we strive to be good environmental stewards by using sustainable products, practices, and mechanics as much as possible throughout our business. When you send or receive flowers from Bloom, you know we have done everything we can to create our lovely arrangements responsibly!

Let us be honest, flowers and plants are born of nature and look their best when we treat them naturally: providing then with clean air, water, and soil. When Fresh Flowers are covered with paint, or forced to suck up artificial dyes, their vase life – and their natural beauty – suffers. We believe that Mother Nature knows best. Let us trust her process, and honor nature!

Bloom is LOCAL!

Bloom is Family owned and operated with Northern Colorado roots

We value our community here in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. Owned by Fort Collins’ residents, and staffed by awesome locals, we are proud to be local, through and through! We are locally owned and locally sourced. We support our local economy by purchasing from local flower growers, wholesale markets, and local artists as much as possible.

We believe in contributing to our community in other ways, as well. We regularly work with programs at the Future Farmers of America, and the Colorado Department of Labor Rehabilitation Program.

We are not associated with any of the nationwide florist services. These nationally (sometimes internationally) owned companies like to advertise themselves as local, but they are anything but! Operated through massive call centers – often overseas, these companies take your order and pass it on to the cheapest provider in the area. They charge for an arrangement, take a steep percentage off the top, and then pass the much smaller amount on to the local florist, causing your special gift to be almost cut-in-half before being sent to the recipient.

Our orders never go through a call center half a world away. When you call Bloom Floral Boutique, you speak directly with one of our in-house designers.

Found in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins

Located at 153 North College Avenue, we are open most days until 5PM, and by appointment 7 days a week. Come in to meet and visit with our designers, or to get a gift for that special someone.

While buying your gift of flowers from a Floral Shop may cost a little more than at the grocery store, you can expect to get a much better value. At Bloom you can expect beautiful, unique, and long-lasting arrangements that you will not find anywhere else!

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