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Thanksgiving is so much more than a great meal.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and nothing is a more natural expression of celebration and gratitude, than fresh flowers.

According to Melody Beattie “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

And Deepak Chopra states “Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the Universe.”

When we get together at Thanksgiving we are celebrating and embracing so many things: tradition, family and friends, our ancestors, and rest from the daily stressors of life. Above all, we think of peace, love, and gratitude. We are grateful to share in the earth’s bounty. As we feast we place beautiful flowers as the centerpiece of the table to remind us of the earth from which we and our sustenance come, and of the beauty that surrounds us.

A condensed version of how Thanksgiving came to be is the story of Tisquantum.

Tisquantum was abducted by an English explorer who took him to Spain and sold him to a group of monks. Around 1616 he eventually escaped slavery and traveled to England, returning to America in 1619 to his native village, only to find that his tribe had been wiped out by an epidemic infection brought by the colonists. Finding himself the only living member of his tribe, he went to live with the Wampanoags. After the Mayflower had landed in Cape Cod Bay in 1620, he worked to broker peaceable relations between the Pilgrims and the local Pokanokets, because he spoke English. It is said that in 1621 the Indigenous and the Pilgrims sat together to celebrate their successful harvest and hunts at what came to be known as the first Thanksgiving.*

We at Bloom like to think flowers were a significant part of that first Thanksgiving. We envision the Pilgrims and Pokanokets sitting at a long wooden table overflowing with earth’s bounty and at the center of the table a huge centerpiece of dried flowers, pods, grasses, turkey feathers and other natural gifts from the earth decorating their feast.

This Thanksgiving we hope you continue that tradition by celebrating with those you love, around a table full of bounty, with a beautiful centerpiece.

Image of an autumnal floral arrangement
Thanksgiving Centerpiece

We wish you peace, and we hope that gratitude can help us all come together with love.

In Peace & Gratitude,

The Gilberts

Cindy, Brenna, Caleb & Bill

*adapted from Wikipedia.

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